Afterburn! How to burn Calories after a Workout ?

High-intensity workouts burn more energy in a shorter period of time than steady state cardio, generating a bigger ‘Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption (EPOC), or ‘afterburn’ effect. This means that you continue to burn energy anywhere up to 48-72 hours after you finish the workout. Impressive, right?
A HIIT workout causes your body to be in an oxygen-deprived, or anaerobic, state. Anaerobic training can help to accelerate fat-burning when combined with a balanced diet. To build and maintain lean muscle using HIIT training, make sure that you include high protein foods throughout the day!
HIIT is my favourite way to workout , it is fast, effective and immediately boost your dopamine level. You are happier after your workout and ready to conquer your day! 

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